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Let's Move

Please contact us about booking therapeutic movement or movement-based therapy sessions, dance workshops, performances or panel discussions. We look forward to working with you!

Introduction to Therapeutic Movement

Movement and body awareness can be instrumental in promoting emotional, social, cognitive and physical integration. The information gathered from both voluntary and involuntary movement can provide insight, offering visible evidence of alternative pathways and empowering us in our choices of direction. A therapeutic movement practice allows us to explore how the information and emotional experiences held within and affecting their body can assist in improving the lived experience. Sessions can involve gesture, the incorporation and/or embodiment of rhythms, the tracking of and response to internal states, choreographed activities, somatic exercises, culturally specific movements and dance styles, and so much more. Please see our offerings below.

Therapeutic Movement (Individual)

Therapeutic movement sessions focus on the promotion of well-being and restoration of connection to inner knowing. Sessions are virtual and last 45 minutes. For a 15-minute consultation, book here.

Therapeutic Flamenco Dance Workshops

Empowering and energetic 1-hour workshops. Flamenco dance is distinguished by its focus on heavily accented rhythms and the percussive use of the body. Expect to feel uplifted, joyful and empowered in this exhilarating style of dance . Classes include a warm-up designed to mobilize the joints, warm up the muscles and build awareness, and technique exercises focused on building upper and lower body strength and developing musicality. Both in-person and virtual workshops are available. For virtual workshops, all movement combinations can be done in the safety of the home or shared office space, no matter how big or small. To book a workshop, click here.

Panels and Performances

Contact us here if you wish to book for performances, speaking engagements, interviews, and more. 

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