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Blackbird Dance Company
Development Lab

The Blackbird Dance Company Development Lab is an offshoot of the Blackbird Dance Company, a contemporary Spanish dance group. The Development Lab was launched in September 2023 with the goal of providing artists with consistent, long-term training and opportunities to learn and perform new work. 

Artists train weekly in Flamenco, danza española (stylized Spanish dance) and classical ballet. For the 2024-2025 season we are making a much-needed addition to our foundational techniques: Afro dance and dances from the African continent will be added to our weekly expected classes. Artists train for a period of ten (10) months (September through June), with two (2) months of break in the summer (July and August).

Artists have the option of training together in the studio or working in a more independent fashion. 

Blackbird Dance Company Development Lab is primarily about opportunity. The Lab happily embraces the diversity of artists practicing Flamenco and Spanish dances, offers alternatives to established training models, and provides pathways for artists to participate in the creation and performance of meaningful work right where they are.

Please direct any questions about the Development Lab here.

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