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Upcoming Productions

Considered to be the best Dance Company in the San Francisco area, Blackbird Dances has been making high-end productions since 2000. Our team of talented performers are here to offer you the chance to get lost in the world of performance. Interested in seeing what’s next on our agenda? Check our upcoming productions below.

Mime Artists

Don Quixote

Looking to catch a great piece of entertainment? Blackbird Dances has made a breakthrough in the industry with its magical productions since 2000. Our Don Quixote production is a one of a kind sensation. Pop in and be prepared to catch the performance of a lifetime!

Theater Lights

West Side Story

Ever since 2000, Blackbird Dances has set the standards high in the industry with its top quality productions. Our rendition of West Side Story is an example of how our team of talented performers bring life to the concept of performance. Swing by and catch a glimpse into one of our classic productions!

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